We provide reliable, durable, and one-of-a-kind fence installation and repair services throughout Oregon. Our team of expert artisans will assist you in creating or maintaining your home’s perimeter to help keep your property secure and private, from basic chain link repairs to full-on privacy fence installations. Our specialists can help you maintain your fence no matter what size or material it is constructed – give us a call or get an estimate to get in contact.

Deck repairs may range from aesthetic to structural in nature. If your deck shows signs of water damage, fading color, wood rot, gaps between the boards, evidence of structural weakness, termite damage, popped-out nails, loose stairs or rails, or missing or damaged posts, it’s time to call in a deck repair contractor near you to fix these issues before they get worse or someone gets hurt.

But before you begin, examine your deck for any possible safety issues, such as loose railings or broken boards. That’s where Punchlist Property Services comes in: we offer expert deck repair services all year to keep your deck safe and attractive. Do you plan to construct a new deck? This is something we can help with as well.

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We clean, stain, and seal your deck after it has been built or repaired to ensure its sustainability and toughness.

  • Designing and designing a deck
  • Installation of posts and ledger boards
  • Code-compliant deck framing
  • Pressure-treated timber or composite decking and railing are installed.
  • Cleaning and staining the deck
  • Replacement of balusters and repair of stair stringers
  • Deck planks, supports, and stair treads must all be replaced.
  • Maintenance of handrails and joist reinforcement
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