About Us

Find yourself with a never ending list of headache repairs at home, or your tenants a little more destructive than anticipated. Maybe prepping to sell your home and have a punchlist of handyman repairs that you don’t have time to deal with? Punchlist property services was created with the love for helping homeowners, landlords and property managers conquer their repair and remodel needs. Whether it be lawn care, to replacing light fixtures to installing new floors or a full bathroom remodel to a tenant turnover. Our goal is to make your life as smooth & easy as possible. We truly do love what we do.



Selling your home and need to make some repairs and/or small updates to get the best price on the market? Or just have tasks sitting around that aren’t getting done? The home inspector found more items than anticipated? Bend Punchlist Property Services is reliable, timely and trustworthy. We are very conscientious of the turnaround times and always focus on a beautiful finished repair so your home is ready to close.  Bend Punchlist Property Services are there for your seller needs alongside your home buyers wishes for updating their new purchased home. If this sounds interning to you, we would love to chat!


We know how important it is to quickly turnaround your rental once a tenant moves out. For each day your rental is vacant, you’re losing valuable profits. Punchlist Property Services offers comprehensive rental turnover services for the quickest turnaround times in Bend Oregon. We encourage to begin the process before your current tenant moves out. Once resident has given you written notice of their intent to vacate, you can start the turnover process by scheduling a pre-inspection. Every rental turnover we use an extensive inspection check list so nothing is missed. Then we present the repair recommendations to your line by line, which we will establish the priority of repairs, condition of current materials, and preventive repairs. At this time we will order all material/products so they are ready for install the day the tenants move out. All by keeping the goal in mind of maximizing your rental return  and striving for long term tenants due to a beautifully restored home.


We all want to be skiing at Mt bachelor or floating down the Deschutes, but you get those unwanted calls during the most unwanted hours of the day. You don’t want to spend those relaxing hours taking care of those minor tasks on your short/long term rental? When in doubt contract out. Condition inspection reports are scheduled in between your guests. Which then an email will be sent to you of what we inspected/ recommend. Everything will be stradegically scheduled around the guest so you are never lossing vacancy. Which is the number one reason why repairs get neglected and turn into bigger problems.